July 2018

Plastic Free Symmetrys

Our in-house sustainability champion Mark suggested we all try and go plastic free for the month of July. A challenge which most of us decided to accept. It became clear very quickly just how much single use plastic we have in our day to day lives.

We were helped and encouraged by the charity, The Plastic Free Foundation, whose mission is to build a global movement to dramatically reduce plastic use and improve recycling.

We discovered that there are many alternatives to single use plastics, and have since adopted many of these alternatives going forward, including taking reusable cups and containers to food outlets at lunchtime, reducing the need for polystyrene containers that do not decompose at all. We’ve also started having milk delivered in glass bottles, instead of using almost 200 plastic cartons each year that would otherwise have found their way to landfill sites.

As part of our initiative to reduce our plastic usage we also planted a salad and herb garden at our Practice, so that all staff can help themselves to salad at lunchtime instead of buying from supermarkets, no doubt over packaged and travelling many air miles.

It continues to be an education, and we had a fantastic response on social media, encouraging others to follow suit.