Project Value:

£8 million

The Works

The scheme provides 37 contemporary apartments for retired residents. The proposal consists of predominantly an L shaped building over 5 storeys on the sea front in Falmouth.

Symmetrys reviewed the options for both the substructure and superstructure in great detail. In reviewing the options available for the structural form we developed detailed matrixes that included items such as:

  • Architectural aspirations and build costs
  • Programme implications
  • Site access
  • Party walls
  • Span to depth ratio’s
  • M & E requirements
  • Acoustics
  • Structural alignment benefits
  • Optimal apartment layouts
  • Sub structure solutions
  • Product/material availability and regional sourcing
  • Local labour resources

By reviewing these options it became clear that the answer wasn’t a concrete or steel frame. One structural solution doesn’t always fit every site. The form of the structure and the site programme restrictions led the team to recommend prefabricated structures that could be easily delivered to site which in turn would reduce the programme. Working closely with specialist suppliers of various prefabricated materials, and after vigorous cost analysis for these different materials, the design team and the client’s preferred form of structure resulted in the use of Cross Laminated Timber with shallow concrete foundations.