Low Carbon Office Strategy

Symmetrys believes that every business has a role to play in protecting the environment through focusing on recycling, carbon emissions, single use plastics and green travel.

Plastic Free Kitchen

We are dedicated to filling our office kitchen with products, food and drinks that are sustainably packaged and where possible, sustainably and ethically sourced.

Our biscuit rota encourages everyone to get creative and share their plastic free treats with the rest of the office and ensures that we are not buying plastic wrapped biscuits from the supermarket.


What Our Staff Say....

  • "The little things like having green office plants, the vegetable patch and bringing in homemade biscuits makes our office a really enjoyable environment to work in"

    Lucy Roebuck

  • "Cycling is a great joy to me and allows me to exercise while travelling to work. I love how our office supports cycling to work with access to a secure, indoor bike rack and shower facilities."

    Matthew Young

Active Travel

We are proud that 53% of our staff actively travel to work, whether that be walking or cycling. Only 4 members of staff drive to work and the rest make their way to the office on public transport.

Symmetrys provides plentiful bike storage and showers so our cyclists are happy in the knowledge that they have a safe place to store their bike and can shower before starting work.

We involve everyone in initiatives where we can demonstrate the difference a tiny action can make – like swapping milk cartons for bottles or buying unwrapped food.

This is all in addition to us working with our clients to continually improve the sustainability of our projects. 

Our Low Carbon Design

Read more about our wider sustainability initiatives here

“Pushing Boundaries in Sustainable Engineering”

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