Building for show

This is a fast developing and fun sector for us. Our reputation for reliability and agility has meant a growing portfolio of demountable (or temporary) structures, predominately for the entertainment industry.

We are proud to have experience on a range of challenging demountable projects; from Formula-E pit lane enclosures and zip wires for a Tomb Raider movie, temporary ‘pools for schools’ and a series of pavilions for sports clubs across London.

All of these projects would not be possible without our friends at The Halo Group. Their modular structure system offers ideal solutions for creating temporary structures across the entertainment industry and beyond.

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Flexible and sustainable

With designs that are required to be built rapidly and dismantled many times, it is crucial that we deliver on flexibility, safety and sustainability.

The structural elements in each project can be reused tens of times in a multitude of different configurations, ensuring that each piece of steel will have reduced its embodied carbon by over 90%, when compared to that of its recycled steel counterparts.

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We work across all sectors and provide the kind of expertise built from experience.

If you are looking for an engineering partner you can lean on, and trust, to deliver the best in value solutions, talk to us.

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