Our CSR Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility has to be more than just policies – though they are a good start. We have decided to look at where we can improve our CSR in 3 key areas – our staff, our local community and the environment.


Symmetrys believes that every business has a role to play in protecting the environment through focussing on recycling, carbon emissions, single use plastics and green travel.

We do this by involving everyone in initiatives where we can demonstrate the difference a tiny action can make – like swapping milk cartons for bottles or buying unwrapped food. We also aim to work with our clients to continually improve the sustainability of our projects.

What Our Employees Say…

  • “Each new project is an interesting challenge when it comes to SuDS. I enjoy exploring the art of combining buildability with a sustainable solution that improves biodiversity and considers the environment around us.“

    Mark Barnikel, Civil and Structural Engineer

  • “Symmetrys have a great CSR programme. We’re really encouraged to reduce our carbon footprint whether it’s on our journey to work and meetings, or using the vegetable patch for lunches instead of buying over-packaged food. Introducing me to cycling has also greatly improved my health and wellbeing."

    Jo Shepherd, Associate


We believe businesses can strive to have a considerable positive impact within their community. At Symmetrys, we’re proud of our involvement in a local school football team and a walking netball team. We also run a mentoring scheme for STEM students at the local Comprehensive school.

We have strong connections with a number of charities, particularly the adoption charity Coram, where Chris Atkins, our Managing Director, is a member of the Development Board.


People are at the centre of Symmetrys’ success and are our most valuable asset. We offer a healthy and inclusive workplace, taking time to develop all staff with a busy CPD programme, and provide support through Chartership.

Technical development and promotion from within are key to our great staff retention.

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