• Updated Steel Reuse Guidance

    June 2022

    Updated Steel Reuse Guidance

    See below our updated steel reuse newsletter which now includes some important updates regarding CE marking requirements. We will continue to update this as our journey continues. Download the document...

  • The Code Breakers – Walking Netball Team

    March 2022

    The Code Breakers – Walking Netball Team

    At Symmetrys we believe that businesses can have a considerable positive impact on communities, and we are extremely proud to help and sponsor The Code Breakers, a Walking Netball team....

  • Steel Reuse – Guidance Document

    February 2022

    Steel Reuse – Guidance Document

    Please download our Steel Reuse Guidance Document here: Steel Reuse Summary Or scan the barcode below: Watch a recording of our webinar here:

  • PropSki 2022

    January 2022

    PropSki 2022

    Four engineers from Symmetrys have made their debut appearance at PropSki 2020 this week. They’ve been having a great week skiing, networking and fundraising in the French Alps.

  • Symmetrys 2021

    December 2021

    Symmetrys 2021

    As we head towards the end of 2021, we are reflecting on another great year for Symmetrys. There’s been some challenging projects completed, exciting projects won, 2 engineers promoted and...

  • Steel Reuse Webinar

    December 2021

    Steel Reuse Webinar

    A huge thank you to everyone who attended our webinar on the reuse of steel – we hope you enjoyed it and learnt something new. If you have any further...

  • Pushing Boundaries in the Reuse of Steelwork

    November 2021

    Pushing Boundaries in the Reuse of Steelwork

    We can’t keep making stuff. Wouldn’t it be good if we could take apart an old building and reassemble those materials somewhere else, as something different? The 3 ‘R’s now...

  • Grass Roots to Green Roofs

    September 2021

    Grass Roots to Green Roofs

    St Albans City Youth Football Club U13 boys’ team has kicked off the season wearing the brand new Symmetrys sponsored shirts! Not only is this a brilliant community football club,...

  • A Month Of Awards

    September 2021

    A Month Of Awards

    We are thrilled to have had a very successful month of award wins and shortlists. One of our retirement village projects, Moor’s Nook, has won a RIBA South East Regional...

  • It Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth

    July 2021

    It Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth

    Symmetrys Civils innovative solutions go above and beyond standard designs. With our ever expanding team of Civil Engineers, we have a broad wealth of knowledge on how to deliver the...

  • Joy for Children and Communities

    May 2021

    Joy for Children and Communities

    Symmetrys recently carried out some research into the sustainability of spandex and wrote a piece for Velocity Magazine titled “How Green Is Your Lycra” (https://symmetrys.com/news/how-green-is-your-lycra/) In short, the results weren’t as...


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