Sustainability is at the forefront of our thinking

As engineers, we are conscious about the influence we can have not only in structures and buildings, but also in the environment and wider society. We take this responsibility very seriously and as such adopt a whole-hearted approach to working sustainably.


Green Team

Symmetrys has expanded our dedicated sustainability performance team to really help build on the work we have completed to date and to really push this agenda to the max. Be that how we behave and operate as a company, or how we specify and behave as engineers.

Our Climate Response page serves to document our progress on tackling the climate emergency both inside and outside of the office, and our journey to net-zero.

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Latest Climate Response Stories

  • FerrousWheel Q&A

    March 2024

    FerrousWheel Q&A

    Watch and listen to our MD @Chris Atkins and Senior Structural Engineer @Lauren Shaw answer some of your key questions on our increasingly popular FerrousWheel. Late last year, together with...

  • FerrousWheel – First Release

    September 2023

    FerrousWheel – First Release

    Symmetrys are thrilled to announce the first release of FerrousWheel. This is an automated tool we have been working on in collaboration with London South Bank University, funded by Innovate...

  • Footprint+

    June 2023


    We have received fantastic feedback from the Symmetrys team who attended Footprint+ in Brighton last week. The session hosted by Rachel Field on “Nature Restoration as a Route to a...

  • FerrousWheel in Architects’ Journal

    May 2023

    FerrousWheel in Architects’ Journal

    Our innovative tool, FerrousWheel, designed to replace steel sections with reclaimed alternatives, has been featured in Architects’ Journal. Discover the story behind FerrousWheel, how it came to be, and our vision...

  • Approval of Schedule 3 in England

    February 2023

    Approval of Schedule 3 in England

    DEFRA have recently announced the approval of Schedule 3 of Flood and Water Management Act 2010. But what does this mean and what are the implications for developers and designers?...

  • What’s Stopping us from Replacing our Kettles?

    September 2022

    What’s Stopping us from Replacing our Kettles?

    Considering the issues around whether or not to replace a household appliance could help us communicate better with clients, writes Anna Beckett In a recent speech Boris Johnson suggested that...

  • Earth Overshoot Day 2022

    July 2022

    Earth Overshoot Day 2022

    Today, the 28th July 2022, marks the date that us humans are now using the earth’s ecological resources and services 1.75 times faster than our planets ecosystem can regenerate it,...

  • Net Zero Panel Discussion

    July 2022

    Net Zero Panel Discussion

    Net Zero Design Challenges With Industry Specialists Matteo Attanasio our Head of Sustainability at Symmetrys, is speaking on a panel for Meshwork by Mesh Energy next Wednesday at 12pm on...

  • Updated Steel Reuse Guidance

    June 2022

    Updated Steel Reuse Guidance

    See below our updated steel reuse newsletter which now includes some important updates regarding CE marking requirements. We will continue to update this as our journey continues. Download the document...

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