It’s a balancing act

Successful civil engineering is about finding the right balance between constraints and budgets on one hand, and planning and sustainability on the other. Our focus on smarter SUDs solutions achieves this balance, increasing biodiversity and reducing flood risk within budget.

Civil Solutions

Symmetrys offers a full range of civil engineering services. We take projects from bankable feasibility study through to detailed design, construction, and construction supervision. Our civil engineering team comprises Civil Engineers, Hydraulic Modellers, Surface and Foul Water Master-planners and policy specialists – all working closely with our clients and regulatory bodies to facilitate better developments.

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Our Scope

Our specialist services include:

  • Below ground drainage design – foul and surface water
  • External works design
  • Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS)
  • Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)

We also include all technical discussions with the highway authority and utility providers for new connections, diversions and building over agreements.


Developers increasingly face significant challenges from extreme weather events that impact on the resilience and sustainability of their property and infrastructure. Symmetrys is committed to integrating the principles of sustainability by ensuring the management of surface water is key in our planning, designing, and management of projects.

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