Pre-Planning/Planning Support

  • BREEAM Statements
  • Flood Risk Assessments & Drainage Strategies
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Design
  • Flood Analysis and Drainage Network Design
  • Expertise in Section 104 (sewerage adoption), 106 (sewerage connection) and 185 (sewerage diversion) Agreements
  • Master Planning

External Works Design

  • Utility Coordination
  • C3 Utility Applications based on C2 Asset Records
  • Engagement with Local Authorities and Statutory Bodies
  • Design and Specification
  • Detailing

Surface Modelling

  • 3D Modelling: Employing advanced software to create accurate 3D models of existing and proposed site levels, enabling visualisation and analysis for informed decision-making.

Technical Advisory

  • Expert Guidance: Offering specialised expertise and guidance throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring informed decision-making and successful project delivery.

It’s a balancing act

Successful civil engineering is about finding the right balance between constraints and budgets on one hand, and planning and sustainability on the other. Our focus on smarter SUDs solutions achieves this balance, increasing biodiversity and reducing flood risk within budget.

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