Are you ready for the new Building Safety Act?

April 2023

A big thank you to Equans UK & Ireland – In Focus for hosting an informative talk on the Building Safety Regime. A stark reminder to owners of an estimated 12,500 existing higher-risk buildings to be ready to fulfil their obligations under the Building Safety Act.

“those who are ‘principal accountable persons’ for existing higher-risk buildings are required to register their buildings with the Building Safety Regulator (BSR)”

Building owners must now register all higher-risk buildings and there are heavy implications for non-compliance. Building owners will need to navigate their way very carefully through the legislation and do so with haste. There is a lot to take on board with this complex and technical piece of legislation and duty holder roles need to be understood such as who is “the Accountable Person” to undertake the compliance of the new regime.

At Symmetrys Structural and Civil Engineers, we are constantly keeping ourselves up to date with industry policy and regulations in order to provide the best advice for our clients.

Equans UK & Ireland – talk on the Building Safety Regime.

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