Plastic Free July – How Was It For You?

July 2019

That’s this year’s Plastic Free July over, and we’re pleased to report that we have learnt so much more this year than last, and hopefully we’ve engaged enough people along the way to make enough small changes, which build and help change habits that were harmful to the environment.

We’ve built on changes we made last year, with a new coffee machine enabling us to compost all of our coffee grounds, we’ve increased the herbs and salads in our raised bed outside our front door, we no longer buy milk in cartons and opt for a milk delivery in glass bottles twice a week instead, we’ve switched our brand of tea bags to one which has plastic-free tea bags and we’ve reorganised our office recycling to ensure we keep waste separate so it doesn’t get contaminated, enabling more waste to be recycled efficiently, and less waste ending up in landfill.

Ahead of this year’s Plastic Free July we carried out research on everyday items that currently come under the “Single Use Plastic” banner, such as food wrapping and containers, straws, drinks containers, clothes … the list is endless. From this research we then set about posting a daily tweet on solutions we had found, and loved the interaction we received across the social media platforms. There are so many simple solutions that reduce the constant use of plastic, and we hope to carry on the work we’ve started. We’re already enjoying the home make biscuits being brought into the office each week, reducing the plastic wrapping from shop bought biscuits, and we’ve replaced our plastic bottles of liquid hand soaps with some beautiful soap bars.

So take a glance at our twitter feed and let us know what you think @_Symmetrys. Maybe you have a solution we’ve missed that we can implement too. The work will continue at Symmetrys, and we really hope we’re a business that can be a force for good. Keep in touch, maybe call in for a plastic free cuppa, or a bowl of salad from our raised beds. You’re always welcome.

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