Earth Overshoot Day 2022

July 2022

Today, the 28th July 2022, marks the date that us humans are now using the earth’s ecological resources and services 1.75 times faster than our planets ecosystem can regenerate it, according to the Global Footprint Network.  The headline is that “WE ONLY HAVE ONE EARTH”.

With Overshoot Day occurring earlier in the year each year, the need of decisive action is becoming ever more evident. The Construction industry accounts for 38% of CO2 emissions.  As Structural and Civil engineers, we not only need to be conscious of the influence we can have on the construction industry and our environment, but we need to change the way we specify, design, behave.

By moving Overshoot Day just 5 days back each year, this would allow us to reach one-planet capability by 2050.

earth overshoot day from 1971 to 2022

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