FerrousWheel – First Release

September 2023

Symmetrys are thrilled to announce the first release of FerrousWheel. This is an automated tool we have been working on in collaboration with London South Bank University, funded by Innovate UK’s Accelerated Knowledge Transfer initiative.

FerrousWheel is a work in progress tool that has so far been developed by the fantastic team at LSBU. Our automated tool links with Revit and allows you to access steel stockists, reclaimed steel stock and swap out the steel that you have in your Revit model for the equivalent reclaimed steel section. The idea is to make the process of suggesting steel reuse as an idea to clients a lot quicker for designers.

FerrousWheel is completely open-source and free for all to access. We aren’t developing it to sell on. We want to share as much research and knowledge that we have, with the aim to help others reduce the embodied carbon in their designs across the industry.

This works both ways. We hope the release of the tool is in turn going to generate a good amount of feedback that we can then feed into the tool so it can be refined and be even more proficient for all users.

As the industry works to reduce embodied carbon associated with steel production and make steel part of a circular economy, Ferrous Wheel should be a game-changer and we are very excited to see further developments over the course of 2023.

Download the tool here

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