MIPIM 2023

March 2023

Read Chris’s quote in the MIPIM Preview Magazine

Chris and Ash will be in Cannes next week (14th-17th March) for MIPIM 2023. Send them a message if you would like to meet up!

Chris provided a quote for the MIPIM Preview Magazine published in February, telling more about our ‘urban mining’ ethos and it’s practical application, e.g. with the reuse of steel:

“Existing buildings are a treasure prove of materials and can reduce the embodied carbon of future developments. We can and should reuse materials from existing buildings by altering our approach to construction.

Reusing structural steel is a prime example as it is a great opportunity to reduce a project’s embodied carbon. By identifying the section sizes within an existing building and removing them through unbolting or by carefully cutting and dropping, we can easily re-purpose the steel sections for other projects.”

Read the full quote by clicking on the cover of the magazine.

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