The Code Breakers – Walking Netball Team

March 2022

At Symmetrys we believe that businesses can have a considerable positive impact on communities, and we are extremely proud to help and sponsor The Code Breakers, a Walking Netball team.

Women across the length of the country have started playing Walking Netball for fun, laughter and camaraderie.

We asked Mary Thompson, the goal shooter for The Code Breakers, what the Walking Netball team meant to her and why it is important for local businesses to support such activities in the community:

“In the 1970’s and 80’s I played Netball at county level and briefly as part of the England squad. Since I was 50, belonging to a team with all that entails; camaraderie, friendship, social events and of course exercise, was missing in my life.  Walking Netball has given me and my teammates all that back.  I am 81 now and last week The Code Breakers won a Netball tournament! Most of The Code Breakers are over 70 and we are still as competitive as we were in our 30’s.  Like any sports team we need sponsorship, the walking sport movement is vital for all of us who love sport, whatever age, circumstance or background. Sponsorship from companies brings the joy, health and well-being to our team that sitting and knitting never could.”

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