The Works

It is always a joy to work with progressive developers who are open to forward thinking sustainable solutions, that achieve their ambitions.  Fabrix are exactly that.

Fabrix appointed Symmetrys to carry out the structural design on the refurbishment of their D’Arblay Street office located in the heart of Soho. The works included the remodelling of the roof structure, where our client wanted to remove the ceiling joists, to expose  roof structure, in order to give a feeling of more height.  The existing ceiling joists however were providing lateral restraint to the perimeter walls and also acting as a ties to the roof members.

  • Timber Reuse

Symmetrys were able to calculate that the timber ceiling joists could be removed without affecting the stability of the structure, so long as the existing roof members were strengthened. This provided the perfect opportunity to reuse the timber ceiling joists to strengthen the roof members and in turn provide the perfect carbon friendly solution by reusing the material readily available on site.  It was also extremely cost effective.

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