The Works

Dukes Avenue, a historic house situated in Muswell Hill’s Conservation area near Alexandra Palace, showcases the distinctive architecture of the neighbourhood. The terraced houses, made of red rubber bricks with slate roofs and adorned with decorative balconies, add to the area’s charm.

MCA’s clever design for Dukes Avenue incorporated a rear extension on the ground floor, featuring large openings that allow abundant natural light into the property from the rear garden. The extension was constructed using reclaimed London stock bricks, which were meticulously detailed and installed to create an elegant profiled finish. Additionally, glazed roof lights were added to further enhance daylight within the extension. The new roofs were designed to support a green lichen nature mat, effectively absorbing a significant portion of rainwater run-off from the existing roofs.

To maximize space, the attic level underwent a reconfiguration. Recognizing the accessibility issue caused by the front elevation being elevated from the pavement level, the front garden was thoughtfully terraced, gradually descending towards the street. This improvement included the introduction of retaining walls, resulting in easier and safer access.

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