SuDS by The River

We were first introduced to Lindrick Paddock by our good friends at Threefold Architects informing us that some help was needed developing the Civils aspects of the job as part of the proposed planning application.

Lindrick Paddock is a brownfield site in the Hertfordshire greenbelt that will create nine modern, sustainable homes next to Rags Brook watercourse. The project will seek to achieve an overall improvement in regulated emissions though high standard of building fabric, air source heat pump driven heating and hot water systems and roof mounted photovoltaic panels to minimise the operational carbon footprint.

The interesting part of the project for us however, is what is happening on the outside. Including SuDS and green features  in the civil engineering design  is where we start to add real value to the project.

Symmetrys have been appointed to look at the Flood Risk of the site and produce a Sustainable Drainage Strategy.  The Strategy will demonstrate compliance with the Local Guidance and National Policies,  but can we go further?  Currently we have identified that the most sustainable methods for the development include rainwater harvesting , permeable paving and raingardens with a discharge into the river. This approach will reduce flood risk, improve water quality and allow for infiltration into the ground where possible . Stay in touch to see how the project’s sustainable goals develop!

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