The Works

The redevelopment of 100-108 Lower Marsh involved the demolition of the existing 8 retail units along the 45m site to construct a new 79 bed hotel above 8 retail units. The basement of the existing building was lowered through underpinning before a new basement box was cast using the existing structure as permanent formwork so as not to undermine the existing highway or adjacent buildings through construction.

The hotel that sits above the ground floor commercial units comprised a 3 storeys reinforced concrete frame with 2 storeys of steel frame above to facilitate set-backs in the façade and mitigate the thickness of the third floor transfer slab.

The Northern Line runs to the west of the site and a Network Rail building to the rear, liaison with LuL Infrastructure Protection and Network Rail was required throughout the design. Symmetrys was responsible for civil and structural design.

  • Existing Basement Lowered Next to The Northern Line

  • Existing basement walls used as permanent formwork to support highway

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