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Working with the architects on this rare project has been an excellent case study of collaborating on design to bring a unique Grade II structure back to life. It was really important that the design solution utilised the solidity and robustness of the existing structure, revealing and celebrating an important piece of history, whilst also future-proofing it for the client.

One the keys to structural success of the project were in the investigation, carrying out carbonation tests to check the presence of HAC. Understanding the make-up,  capacity and profile of concrete bunker by carefully exposing and mapping the reinforcement.

Once we understood how the bunker was working in its current condition, we were able to provide structural solutions that minimised disrupting the fabric of bunker as much as possible.  This was achieved by carefully hanging the roof of the bunker, from a network of new external supporting beams.  Once the new beams were in place this freed-up the opportunity to really create the expressive “bomb blast” opening on the south elevation ,rather simple install a frame and cut out a rectangular opening.

The bunker is nestled into the landscape with a backdrop of trees, located on a working dairy farm. The front elevation has views to a stunning coastline, framed by landscape on either side.

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