The Works

Symmetrys was the appointed structural engineers for this full refurbishment and re-modelling of a four-bedroomed end-of-terrace home in Hampstead. The project included the addition of a basement with swimming pool & gym, a loft extension and a lower ground floor kitchen extension that is linked to external spaces terracing down to the Hampstead ponds.

The refurbishment sought to make the best of the views over Hampstead Ponds and to open up the interior to increase light and volume.

Following ground investigation, which included a movement analysis, we discovered that incredibly soft ground led to significant settlement of the building. To deal with this we designed a stiff concrete box at basement level, which ensured that differential movement would be kept to a minimum. The project would not have been possible without this.

During the works we found excessive bowing of the flank walls, also due to the soft ground conditions as well as inadequate tie to the floor plate. Traditionally this would have meant the flank wall being demolished and rebuilt.

Symmetrys commissioned a highly accurate verticality survey, and undertook detailed analysis. By tying the existing wall to the floor plates we stabilised the wall. Furthermore, by adding counterweights we ensured long term stability will be maintained.

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