The Works

Symmetrys was the structural engineers for this new build mixed-use development in Holloway, London, comprising a six and seven storey building with retail space on the lower two floors, and residential above.

A great deal of time was spent with the design team, and in particular the architect, trying to align apartment layouts, so that the load baring paths aligned from floor to floor. This eliminated the need to install transfer structures and opened the door to the super structure options we could offer our client. By doing this we were able to put forward a Metframe option, which increased the speed of erection and reduced the weight of the structure, so that the foundations could also reduce in size. We in turn designed a concrete frame up to first floor level so that the lower floors could accommodate an open plan retail area.

With basements under each block, and adjacent structures close to the site boundaries, successful resolution of party walls issues was key to progress.

Our clients on this project, AC Union, produced a time lapse film of the build, reducing 7 months into 2 minutes –

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