The Vision

The vision was to integrate the nearby Green Belt and established forests in a thoughtful way, while also constructing office space adjacent to the HS2 tunnel construction. The plan involves refurbishing an existing outdated office building and making 4 new shed units and yards within a small estate with protective buffers around the mature woods and sustainable drainage systems to address the topography and local flooding problems while also promoting biodiversity and habitats for the abundance of species in the area.

So how can Symmetrys provide real value and ensure the structural and civil aspects of the project meet, or better the Biodiversity Net Gain plans for the project?

The current answer to this is threefold:

  1. By utilising wetland SuDS features, and attenuation ponds, we have increased the habitat biodiversity by 25%.
  2. With the assistance of our FerrousWheel tool  that substitutes typical steel section with available re-used steel sections, we have managed to introduce carbon of the new super structures by 35%.
  3. Symmetrys also conducted thorough assessments of existing buildings, exploring ways to repurpose them effectively.

The project has recently gained planning, and we are now extremely excited to take develop this challenging but rewarding project, with this great team.

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