Later Living Developments

August 2022

The UK population is living longer than ever. As a result, there is likely to be a shortfall of homes with suitable care and desirable facilities over the next decade or so.

Symmetrys have been working in the Later Living sector for the past 12 years. We are proud to have created some incredible homes and take great joy in the difference it has made to people’s lives already.

These developments are designed and built for people who are heading towards the later part of their lives, and want to maintain their independence and privacy but with peace of mind that they have a thriving social community and facilities around them, as well as access to support and care whenever they may require.

Some facts about our projects:

  • Delivered 50,000 sqft of communal spaces – these spaces are vital in bringing people together.
  • In excess of 350,000 sqft of external spaces that encourage exercise and give people quality amenity spaces that they can enjoy within the safety of the development.
  • These buildings have been built with real quality at the heart of construction, with some incredible functionality along with cutting edge design.
  • These developments are often located within the heart of the community so isolation is minimised.

With the aging population, this is a sector we wish to develop further to ensure that people in this key part of society are happy and thriving in homes that comfortably suit all of their needs.

Some of our favourite projects from past and present:

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